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"100 rewards under $5" guide 

To be honest, I could have named this eBook "100 Ways to Spend Quality Time as a Family."

In the past (almost) 10 years of being a mom, I’ve learned that what our children need most from us is our time and attention.

This eBook is designed to help you plan special moments with your kids. Create memories and enjoy amazing rewards. And most importantly: just have fun.

Fun for you and for your little ones!

The best rewards are the
ones that create lasting memories. 

From our family… to yours!

Minimo Playful Motivation is the story of one little family inspired by a common goal: to simplify families’ daily lives by developing fun planning and motivational tools.

Founded in 2016, the company sprang from my passion for design and the early childhood years. Inspired by my 4-year-old son who, I pulled out my sketchbooks and started drawing what would become the
My Daily Routine motivational kit.

Making routines more fun is my mission. Surrounded by my family and early childhood professionals, I am pursuing my creative process by drawing inspiration from my everyday challenges and experiences. These have led to fun and practical products adapted to families’ everyday needs.

Join our colourful world!

Adding a little magic and colour to our day-to-day lives is always a good idea!

Download your free "100 rewards under $5" guide and enjoy quality time with your family.

(You’ll also get a paper version so you can print the 100 reward coupons.)

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