Grown-up Trio

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Magnets aren’t just for kids!

A bundle for you, grown-ups! Plan meals for the week and display them for the whole family to see. No more “Mooooom, what’s for dinner?” or forgetting an important ingredient at the grocery store! Reduce food waste as well as your mental load… and gain precious time with your family!

The perfect tool to:

  • Display the meal plan of the week for the whole family to see
  • Limit food waste
  • Display dates and children’s school cycle days
  • Don’t forget important appointments
  • Make children aware of all the responsibilities of adults
  • Reduce your mental load (yay!)

*Recipe book not included.

The kit includes :

What's for Dinner? Meal Planner

Grown-Up Appointments

8 magnets - $14.95 value

Grown-Up Responsibilities

8 magnets - $14.95 value