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From our family… to yours!

Minimo Playful Motivation is the story of one little family who gathered around a common project: simplifying families’ daily lives by developing fun planning and motivational tools.

Founded in 2016, the company was born from my passion for design and the early childhood years. Inspired by my 4-year-old son who never-wanted-to-take-his-bath, I pulled out my sketchbooks and started drawing what would become the My Daily Routine motivational kit.

Taking routine and making it fun is my mission. Surrounded by my family and Early Childhood professionals, I pursue my creative process by drawing inspiration from my everyday challenges and experiences. These have led to fun and practical products adapted to families’ every day needs.

Our collection now stands at more than 30 products, with many ideas still on the drawing board. From a “small project” (a running gag with the Minimo family), Minimo has grown into a thriving family business that’s thrilled to find ways to help families spend more quality time together.

Join us in our colorful world!

aka Minimo Mama

A motivated team

VALÉRIE, Mama Minimo, Motivated Creator

A graphic designer for over 12 years, Valérie long sought a way to combine her two passions: graphic design and the early childhood years. Mom of a strapping 5-year old boy, an 18-month old little miss, and in love and partnership with Papa Minimo for 13 years, she completed her family with her third baby: Minimo Playful Motivation! She draws inspiration from her children, activities and daily challenges to create products that allow parents and their children to improve their daily lives in a positive way… all while having fun! Such a great adventure that has only just begun!

DOMINIC, Papa Minimo, Minister of Finance and Operations Assistant

Fundamental to the skillful flow of operations, Dominic is Minimo Playful Motivation’s right brain. Without him, Minimo would only be nice drawings on a computer. He manages finances, keeps sales statistics (he can tell you exactly how many sets have been sold almost in real time!), and administers inventories and orders. Not to mention that he is now our local Post Office Manager’s best friend!

DANICA AND SAMUEL, Muses and Occasional Helpers

Daily inspiration, these two Minis are the best cheerleaders and Mama and Papa Minimo’s primary source of motivation. Samuel is an expert in adhesive labeling and Danica … well, it will come!

HÉLÈNE AND BERNARD, Workshop Production Elves

Each set is carefully assembled by our two irreplaceable elves, Hélène and Bernard, Papa Minimo’s parents. They have developed a foolproof technique and surprise us with their speed and efficiency every time. It is thanks to them that your kits are packed so well!

LAURIE, Customer Happiness Guru

With her legendary professionalism, Laurie handles all requests from customers and points of sale, received by email and Facebook. She’s a whiz at making customers happy, and it’s thanks to her hard work that everything runs smoothly at Minimo!

JESSICA, Packaging Pro

When it comes to tape dispensers, different box sizes, and ShipStation, Jessica has it all figured out! She’s the reason your order gets to you in perfect condition.

JUSTINE, marketing and sales director

Underneath Justine’s curly hair lurks a highly creative brain and a passion for communicating. Along with Minimo Mama, she develops marketing strategies and handles social media like a pro!